Our 1st Science Project “Let’s Move it!”


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Dear teachers,

We thank you for all your hardworking for teaching n taking care of our kids…this kind project is so important to kids at my son age…hopefully there will be more of this.

Best regards

THANK YOU! It’s been a great week and the kids have really enjoyed their first project πŸ™‚ There will definitely be more of this!

Dear teachers,

We would like to say thank you for your best effort to educate and teach our kid. We would suggest to encourage them to speak English in class.
We appreciate if you can share all the lessons that you have taught within the week to us. Then we have some ideas to review all those lessons.

Best regards,
Vitou’ father

Thank you for your message! We encourage them to speak English everyday, all the time. We only speak English with them. This week we’ve reviewed letters from A to M and introduced a new letter: N. We are showing them both lower and capital letters, making sounds and movements in our Zoo-phonics lessons and singing the Zoo-phonics song. Vitou really enjoys this part of the day. You can ask him to sing this song to you πŸ™‚ The topic this week has been HOW ANIMALS MOVE (walk, fly, swim, jump) so it would be great if you can practice this with him. We sent their projects home last Wednesday so you can practice animals and the way they move with his project to review what he learnt. We review THE WEATHER everyday, as well as LETTERS and NUMBERS. I hope this helps! I will post a new post every week and will let you know the topic of the week. Thanks again for your collaboration. Have a good holiday

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