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Dear Parents,

I hope you had a great summer and your child is enjoying his/her new classes and teachers at East-West.

This blog will now focus on another grade/class. I’ll continue teaching part-time at East-West and tutoring students from all grades.

If you feel your child needs a private tutor, feel free to contact me!


Prodigy Math Game


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Dear Parents, Unknown

We are now using an exciting new educational game called Prodigy. While we will be using the program during school hours, students are encouraged to use it at home as a way of supplementing their practice.

Learn at home!      

Have you ever wished your child was as enthusiastic about learning as they are about video games? With
Prodigy, your child can continue their learning at home, exactly where they left off at school. It takes less than 2 minutes to get started:

  1. Visit www.prodigygame.com and click on the orange “Start Now. Free Forever.” button,
  2. Enter your information to create a free Parent account,
  3. Click on the orange “Add Students” button and select “Add Existing Students”,
  4. Enter your child’s username and password (CONTACT MS. MARTA for this),
  5. Click on the orange “Play Prodigy” button in the top right to access the game.

Real-time Reports

Prodigy provides you rich, real-time reports on what your child is learning. This makes it easy to track what math skills they’ve mastered, and where they may need help. To access reports:

  1. Click on the blue “Teacher/Parent Login” button on www.prodigygame.com to access your parent account (see ‘Learn at Home’ above),
  2. Click on the “Reports” tab and select one of our four reports.


Reading & Maths (e-books, fun games and activities)


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Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website. It’s packed with up-to-date expert advice, top tips and activity ideas so
you can support your child’s reading and Maths at home in  the best possible way.

READING: Oxford Owl Reading

Oxford Owl Reading has 250 free eBooks for you to share with your child as well as simple ideas, top tips, activities and games to help your child with their reading at home.

You’ll also find advice from educational experts on many areas including phonics, motivating boys and how to help a child who is struggling with their reading.

MATHS: Oxford Owl Maths 

Oxford Owl Maths supports you with your children’s maths throughout their primary years. You’ll find a whole host of activities, simple ideas, top tips and eBooks to help your child with their Maths at home.

There are lots of ways to help to build your child’s confidence in maths. There are many fun games and activities you can do with your child that practise maths skills. Most children love playing games and it’s an easy way to support their learning.

***If you have any problem when joining, Contact Ms. Marta***


Xmas homework & home-based activities


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Dear Parents, thank you for reading our blog and for participating with your comments!

It’s almost Christmas and we are all very excited about the holidays! It’s been a great semester so far and our students are enjoying learning and they are all improving day by day. This holiday is time to relax and have fun, but it would be a shame we don’t keep practicing those skills we need to keep working on 🙂

So… this post is a reminder of our Xmas Homework and a chance to suggest some Home-Based Activities that can help your child improve and get more confident in English and Math.


Xmas Homework:

1. Spelling List and Spelling Task 17 (Spelling notebook)

2. Writing task (Journal)

3. Reading (15 minutes/day). Each student has borrowed a book from the library to read during the holiday.

4. Math: Go Figure p. 30 + p. 31


Would you like to help your child with some fun home-based activities?

These are some ideas that can help them improve their Math skills as well as their reading and writing skills.

Mathematics Grade 3: In Grade 3 your child learns about numbers to 1000, using place value. They will understand, apply and recall addition and subtraction facts to 18, and add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers. Your child will understand and recall multiplication and related division facts to 5 x 5. They will solve problems involving number, patterns, measurement, data and maps, and use symbols to solve one-step addition and subtraction equations.

A great website they can use to play and practice their Math skills is MATH IS FUN. Different activities and games to practice those topics we’ve learnt during this semester (measurement, multiplication and division are the topics that need more practice).

English Language Arts Grade 3: Grade 3 students use their language skills to describe things in greater detail. They make their own stories more interesting and notice how they can add excitement by saying certain words louder or at a higher pitch. Words become more colourful than ever!

It’s very important your child reads and writes everyday. This brings an opportunity to learn new words and be more aware about language and the world, either through fiction or non-fiction stories.

These are two activities your child and yourself can enjoy while helping him/her get more confident at writing and speaking.

Retelling a story – We’ve done 4 literature units so far. The books we’ve been reading together are: George’s Marvellous Medicine and The BFG (by Roald Dahl), Freckle Juice (by Judy Blume) and Strega Nona (by Tomie de Paola). You can ask them to tell you these stories and write a summary of one of them and make a drawing as a Christmas present for you.

Write a recipe – We’ve learnt how to write a procedure this semester. This writing activity is a fun review and maybe you can make this recipe at home with your child! WRITE A RECIPE 

George's Marvellous MedicineGeorge’s Marvellous Medicine, Roald Dahl


Thank you,

Ms. Marta

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