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Posted by msmartaPS1 | Posted in Parent-Teacher, School goals, Welcome | Posted on June 10, 2016

Another school year done! Teaching might be one of the most rewarding jobs and teaching at EWIS has definitely made an amazing impact on our lives and careers. Teaching Grade 3 last year was a challenging and fun adventure,  supported by a great team and, of course, my students and their families. This year, my Preschool students, with their unlimited energy and pure smiles have also been part of a personal adventure, becoming a mother in October, which I think it’s made me a more understanding and caring teacher… MAKING EVEN HARDER SAYING GOODBYE TO THESE WONDERFUL CHILDREN!

It’s been a year of learning and sharing among teachers, students and parents. I feel so grateful I’ve been able to know you and your children. Our positive communication throughout the school year has helped us to better understand our students, to stop and think about their delicate emotions as children and to teach them more effectively, thinking about their individual needs. We thank all our students’ parents for being so open to share and work together.

Our last day has been full of music, laughter, fun and wonderful hugs…!!! 🙂 º

We think these pictures show how proud we feel of our students and how much we’ve loved spending time together.

I will miss you all (Ms. Roth, Ms. Panha, all our students, families and the EWIS community)



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