Zoo-Phonics, loving letters and sounds!


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At PreSchool1, The Alphabetical Sound is taught with the ZOO-PHONICS CURRICULUM, one letter per week.

We use Zoo-Phonics to teach the sounds and shapes of the entire 26 letters of the alphabet. The secret is the creative Animal Letters and the Body Signals or Movements that go with them!

We then reinforce this instruction with fun games, music and activities. Preschoolers are in constant motion and they love to make noise. So we use what is natural for them and channel it for learning. If they are moving, they have fun and they are processing information through this important movement and sound production.

You can also use and enjoy Zoo-Phonics at home with your child. 

Any questions, just let us know! 🙂

This week we are introducing letter D and  “d” sound… “DEEDEE DEER” 🙂


Have a good day,

Ms. Marta

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